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That is basically what I thought when I watched Food Inc. I could not believe some of the things that I was seeing. As we discussed in class, there were a couple key issues that struck me the most. The first was the way factory farms were run and how they treated the animal, the employee, and the customer. The second was how much of a stranglehold the Monsento corporation has on agricultural products.

I already knew a great deal about factory farming before seeing this movie, but this really opened my eyes even wider to the fact that so many animals are being mistreated and so many employees are in such danger of disease and mistreatment by the corporations that emplay them. It is necessary, and the going will be very hard, but there should be no such thing as factory farming. It is just really unfortunate that America eats so much beef, and meat in general. Because naturally, we should not have this much meat at our disposal and it will be very hard to cut back enough to where we have enough meat but have all free-ranging animals.

The other issue, about the Monsento corporation essentially being a monopoly over agriculture, was something that was very eye-opening. This is one of the things that I was not as familiar with. They are like a lumbering giant that cannot be stopped, at least not easily. The best way to stop them would be to stop buying from their company, but there is barely any compitition to purchase from. These issuses have really made me more aware of the food industries and what is around me. This movie has been such an eye-opener that I will begin to change my lifestyle, at least a little, to try to change the world one meal at a time.

And, I must also say that I am quite pleased that Chipotle gets most of its meat from free-range animals and is no longer under McDonalds….It makes me feel slightly better about eating there.


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