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On Thursday, I went to the showing of whale wars. It was such a crazy show! I have seen it before, but the one that we saw on Thursday was quite an intense episode. Although I was not able to stay for the discussion, I really wanted to give my input on how I felt about the Sea Shepard’s and how they go about saving the whales: I must first commend the people who go out to the arctic and risk their lives to save the whales. They are much braver than I. They use methods that are a bit extreme, but it seems to get the job done, at lest a little bit. The tact of the Sea Shepard’s is to get the medias attention by doing drastic things that may even put themselves in danger. It is actually quite frightening to watch some of the things these people do in almost blatant disregard to their safety. I believe that this is a really good tact, I have to say. Because, the more media attention the whale wars people get, the more attention the whales get, and more people to (hopefully) back their crusade against the killing of these animals. Again, I think these people are really cool and I commend them for going into the icy waters to battle the Japanese whalers, but I have to wonder to myself as I watch all this craziness happen on the screen if there could ever be a diplomatic way to end this civilly. I understand that now, there really is not but perhaps in the future whale lovers will not have to throw stink bombs on whaling ships, because there may not be any.It is unbelievable that the Japanese can justify killing almost 1,000 whales a year for “research.” I think it is sick.

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  1. Simon Cushman says:

    That’s awesome that you went to see the episode. I am taking my Freshman Seminar with Professor Matzke, which is called Radical Environmentalism. I am going to write my semester paper on the Sea Shepherds, because I find them really interesting compared to other Radical groups. The question you bring up about whether there is a way to approach environmental injustices civilly as opposed to somewhat violently (in the case of this group) is a really important one. In this case though, because, as I understand it, the Japanese Ships are whaling illegally, it may be necessary to fight fire with fire… who knows.

  2. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    Almost everyone there wondered about the approach. Be sure to read the other posts to see their ideas, too. I had never seen this show before, but I hope to see more episodes soon. Let me know if there are any especially good ones I should check out.

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