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On Tuesday, we had an exercise where we were assigned different aspects of the government or people of Haiti in response to the earthquake. I am writing about this now because I found this exercise to be very intriguing. My group was assigned to be “park and natural resource officials.” This was one of the more difficult groups because our main focus was not necessarily on the present, but the future. It is really unfortunate because if there had been more trees to begin with in Haiti, then the earthquake may not have been as horrible… Anyway, our group essentially wants to preserve the natural resources of Haiti. This is a very hard thing to think about at the present time, and something which tends to be put on the backburner, but it is a very important aspect in the long run. Overall, as we all know, Haiti has lost much of its natural resources. With the depletion of trees due to deforestation and the recent earthquake, there is even more of a chance that there could be large landslides in Haiti. For this reason, and many more, the Haitian people need to begin protecting what is left of their trees and natural resources. This will be very difficult because of all the displaced people who are being transported to rural parts of Haiti to live in the aftermath of the earthquake. So many people in the rural areas may be inclined to chop down what is left of the trees in Haiti. To me, the future of Haiti seems pretty grim; unless they start saving their ecosystem and natural resources now; they will have no way to live. There could be possible warfare on neighboring countries such as the Dominican Republic just so they could obtain the resources to survive.

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  1. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    What a great way to expand the discussion we had in class this day. You’re right that the way forward will be tough, but as you warn, it can get tougher if wrong decisions are made.