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So, I know we have talked a lot about the Aral sea, but I really wanted to express how utterly horrified I am that people could make a conscious decision to completely change it in a way that would kill thousands of creatures and hurt thousands of people. I cannot get over how people can do that to our world with no real regard. These people are the ones who know what is going on with the world, yet they do nothing to help it, they even hinder it!

And that is what scares me the most; the fact that people know what they are going to do, and what their actions may cause, but they still do it. That is why I question if people want the earth to be saved. I know that many need more education on the subject, but how can educated people, like the politicians who knew what would happen to the Aral Sea, do such a thing when they know the repercussions’?

I also wondered to myself, after we did the exercise in class, whether there really is a solution to this problem? I feel like the only way out of something as bad as this is to completely get rid of all the people living in the area, just completely relocate them. That way, nature would have a chance to possibly recoup. And, after a few decades, the people could return….But I am not foolish enough to believe that something like that would ever happen, at least in this lifetime. So, honestly, how do we solve such a problem? I favor just letting the rivers run their natural course again and let people try and make a living as best they can, but they would definitely be getting the short end of the stick for a long time to come…

There is also a really interesting blog I found on the Aral Sea called Infranet lab


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  1. clare568 says:

    Although the idea of relocating the people of the Aral Sea sounds like a far fetched idea, I agree that it is the best solution. In my freshman seminar I have been reading “Confessions of an Eco-Warrior” a book by Dave Foreman (cofounder of environmental group EarthFirst!) One of his main arguments is that areas with ecological damage should be converted back to its original wilderness stage. Although the Aral Sea was once a wilderness area, it is far from that now and never will be again. Temporarily relocating residents of the Aral Sea to a willing country, in order for scientists and economists to devise a plan, let nature become nature again, and eventually “restart” their economy is their best solution. The first step towards this goal is a country willing to lower their standards of living to help a neighbor a neighbor in need.

  2. Manisha Kumar says:

    I totally agree with you on how horrifying the situation with the Aral Sea has escalated to be. A solution to this problem is definitely not an easy one but is not impossible. If we cannot save the Aral Sea, we could at least make an effort to prolong its existence. Great pictures on the link you posted!

  3. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    The Aral Sea can really hit home to lots of people- such a strong example of all that is wrong. And it is a possible solution to relocate people, but it’s never a popular one. And it can be hard to know if it’s really the right thing to do. China relocated millions of people to build the 3 Gorges Dam, which should be better than more coal power plants, right? Or maybe not…