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This week we read about a bunch of past civilizations that ended up not being able to sustain themselves due to environmental and/or social problems. During each of the readings, I became increasingly saddened by the fact that many if not all of the civilizations going through these harsh environmental catastrophes did not try to stop their actions. The Easter Islanders saw that the trees were dwindling and the adverse effects it had on the environment, yet they did nothing to stop it. They probably thought that their gods would not let them suffer, but they were wrong. Due to their thoughtlessness in regard to their ecosystem, many people died needlessly.

That is what worries me about today’s world. In many cases, people know what they are doing to the environment; how the world is slowly going into a downward spiral do to over taxing our resources’ and many people not doing anything to stop it. For example, I happened to stumble upon an on-line comment blog about the show “18 and Counting.” It’s a show about these people who have 18 children (19 now that another has just recently been born), and who are also religious fanatics who teach their children that they should also have as many kids as they can possibly have…Anyway, the point I was getting at is that on this blog, half of the people were praising this couple and were encouraging them to have more children; but the other half were very unhappy with them and the fact that they have a TV show to boot. Many people wrote that they should stop having children, that there are plenty of homeless children that need adopting. But, the biggest argument that I found was people were upset that this couple are mass reproducing when the world is already so overpopulated as it is. They mentioned the dwindling resources and the fact that there is always adoption to consider.  What I am trying to get at here is that people know that the world is in trouble due to many factors including overpopulation and only about half seem to care enough to do or say anything about it. There is always the fact that many of the people may not be educated enough to understand the repercussions of such things, but that is why people need to be educated for the greater good.       


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  1. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    Excellent- and very interesting- connection to modern life with that reality show. Specific details to the population issues in the collapsed societies would strengthen the connection even more.

  2. Kathy says:

    Being a connoisseur of TLC shows about having a large amount of children, I have seen quite a few episodes of “18 Kids and Counting.” What is super weird about the Duggars is that they used to be pretty normal (aka not crazy religious with mass reproduction dreams) but they changed their ways after the mom had a miscarriage that allegedly contraceptives were to blame. Even though their kids are more likely to also have big families, they probably won’t contribute too much to overpopulation. The US has normal reproduction rates, and thankfully the Duggars are an exception to the norm. This sure doesn’t make them any less crazy.